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John kelly

national keynote speaker

As a law enforcement veteran of thirty-years I have been involved in hundreds of critical incidents and a wide variety of specialized assignments. This diversification has given me a unique perspective in understanding the needs and obstacles facing our first responders health and wellbeing. The greatest threat to my survival wasn’t the multiple attempts on my life from suspects but came from within. An alcoholic, addict, and adulterer, I struggled to overcome the darkness of PTS and suicidal ideation. Overcoming these obstacles made it absolutely necessary for me to show our brothers and sisters how you can fall, sometimes repeatedly, and keep getting back up.

I developed a wellness / leadership program called “Sometimes Heroes Need Help” that addresses the personal, professional, financial, physical, and mental health of the first responder. The program is delivered in a raw, unfiltered, direct, and vulnerable way. Topics that we traditionally avoid talking about are examined. Suicide, PTS, and infidelity just to name a few, are approached with the intent of providing sustainable solutions that can be implemented immediately.

I have spent the past two years speaking at conferences and for law enforcement agencies across the country in an attempt to start the difficult conversations and to change the culture. I authored the book, “Surviving Self-Inflicted Wounds, A Deputy’s Life of Redemption” to compliment the program. I am also the developer and host of the “Law Enforcement Life Coach / Sometimes Heroes Need Help Podcast” where I interview leaders in the first responder community that are adding value, perspective, and direction for our first responders.

I consider it an honor and a blessing to be affiliated with the Capital Defender Advisors & the Serve and Protect Family. I believe your financial health is ultimately based upon your commitment to self-care, the nurturing of relationships, and your physical, and mental health. For this reason we have joined forces to provide the first responder all the resources, guidance, and direction that they need to survive and thrive from “Self-Inflicted Wounds”.